REPORT: Jussara Leticia, the child who needs help to combat health problems

Praia, Apr 3 (Inforpress) – Jussara Letícia is a child aged six, which faces serious health problems, unknown by doctors, but that does not take away the mother’s hope to see her daughter have a healthy life.

This is how she described to Inforpress, Ivanilda Furtado, who lives in Achadinha, in the City of Praia, and who lives with the trauma of seeing her daughter, she is six years, facing health problems, without any indication of treatment that may improve her condition.

Jussara Leticia, who will turns seven in September, like any other child, full of life, cheerful, but, however, from the first 19 days of life, after contracting the Meningitis fever, could no longer develop “like any other child”.

For many years, without talking, not walking, just smiling face. In 2017, she began to have convulsions and, consequently, several consultations to diagnose what the symptoms of disease.



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