REPORT / Brava: Vinagre – a “paradise” that if restored and recovered could be a draw to former residents

Nova Sintra, Jul 23 (Inforpress) – Vinagre is located in the village of Nova Sintra, a little lower than Santa Bárbara, where most of Vinagre’s former residents currently reside.

The area of ​​Vinagre is remembered by the former residents as a village that was once of “abundance”, at the time when there was abundant water. Inforpress went to see this locality and found Alberto Burgo, the only “living soul” who was in this place on that day, who said he has been a guard of the area for 28 years, but before being a guard, he lived from the age of eight until almost forty years in Vinagre.

Burgo is now 63 years old and recalled that at the time when the area had water running through the tanks and streams there were also any kind of crops and vegetables in this area. He recalls that there were even factories and lime kilns, whose the final product was exported to other islands.

“At that time, the Vinagre area was busy but calm. We received people from all parts of Brava, from various other destinations. From inside and outside the country, because down here, everything was serene.

You could only hear the splashing of the waters on the rocks, the scream of children bouncing from side to side and the humming of birds,” recalled the guard and former resident with emotion.



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