Prime Minister recognizes the need to do ‘more and better’ in the justice area

Praia, Oct 31 (Inforpress) – Prime Minister Ulisses Correia e Silva acknowledged on Wednesday the need to do “more and better” in the justice area so that it is “faster, fairer and more productive”.

“Well-grounded criticism is beneficial to improve the justice and security system,” said the head of government, but he said the “political and opportunistic” use of crimes happen and escape the normal standards of society, to “set on fire the social environment and look like an insecure country” is not beneficial to the climate of social peace in the country. The head of government made these points in the debate on the state of justice, which began this morning in Parliament.

According to Ulisses Correia e Silva, this type of situation does not occur in parliaments of other countries, which are “much more developed” than Cabo Verde, when affected by serious crimes, namely terrorist attacks.

“What you see in these countries, in the difficult times, is a joining of forces of political actors in defense of their system and their security forces,” said the Prime Minister, adding that what is happening in these countries is “repudiation of crime” through “speeches, attitudes and practice”.



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