PP welcomes PGR measure to accuse 15 entities of usurpation and illegal sale of land in Praia

Praia, Mar 16 (Inforpress) – The Partido Popular (PP) welcomed the measure taken by the Attorney General’s Office to accuse 15 entities of usurpation and illegal and criminal sale of land in Praia, and to have properties seized from “corrupt people ”.

Party president Amândio Barbosa Vicente, at a press conference held this Sunday in Praia, said that during the meeting, issues related to land swindling in the capital were discussed, data from the US Department of Human Rights report and the Covid-19 pandemic.

“Regarding land swindling, it was proven that four sheets of the property records book of the Municipality of Praia were replaced for the benefit of people who did not own the land, all for the money, so we congratulate the Attorney General’s Office decision to confiscate the assets of corrupt people,” he declared, urging that institution to continue “to investigate further” corruption cases in Cabo Verde.

He also accused City Hall of Praia of “suffocating citizens” by denying them the right to adequate housing, blaming the same institution for the fact that there were clandestine buildings and tents in the capital.



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