Porto Novo: São João festivities take place in normality with attentions directed to the pilgrimage

Porto Novo, 24 Jun (Inforpress) – The São João festivities in Porto Novo, patron saint, have been held in normality, with the attentions of this Sunday focused on the great pilgrimage of the faithful between Ribeira das Patas and city, in a route of 22 kilometers.

The pilgrimage, preceded by the morning mass at 7:00AM in the chapel of São João Baptista, in Ribeira das Patas, begins at 8:00AM and lasts between five and six hours, in the old chapel, also with the name of the saint patron, in the city, after some stops in defended zones, that are part of the route of São João.

The most time-consuming stop, which varies from one to two hours, takes place in Água Doce, at the entrance to the city of Porto Novo, where thousands of people join the pilgrims to accompany the image of the patron saint, who is carried on people’s shoulders, to the old chapel, in Ribeira da Igreja, “the Sanctuary of São João”.

The pilgrimage of the faithful, which is for the Catholic Church “a moment of manifestation of faith”, which takes place every year on June 23, on the eve of the patron saint’s day, marked by the solemn Mass, is, according to the parish priest, José Pires “something extraordinary and unique in Cabo Verde. Something that shows the true devotion “of the people from Porto Novo by São João, explains.



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