Porto Novo: Peasants are “lively” start sowing after the first rains

Porto Novo,  Aug 27 (Inforpress) – Peasants in various locations in the countryside of Porto Novo, Santo Antão, are “lively” by the first rains in recent days in this municipality and have already started sowing, hoping that by September it rain more.

In the Northern Highlands, farmer Marciano Guilherme told Inforpress that this zone has been drenched in the last three days with “a gentle rain” that brings “some hope” to families, many of whom have already started sowing.

In the Eastern Highlands, peasants have also started sowing, according to Josefá Sousa, who said that the recent rain in the upper zone gives “some hope” to farmers, who are already in the middle of farming.

Livestock farmers also said they are “lively” by the rains, believing that in the near future they will be ‘relieved’ by the resurgence of ‘some pasture’ for their animals.



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