Porto Novo: Acacia invasion endangers agriculture in some agricultural valleys – farmers

Porto Novo, Oct 31 (Inforpress) – The the acacia trees invasion across the municipality of Porto Novo, in Santo Antão, is putting irrigated agriculture in some valleys of this municipality at risk, according to farmers.

The most worrying situation at this time has to do with the Lajedos area, where agricultural activity is in “decline” due to the spread of American acacia, a tree which farmers say is capable of rendering fertile land unfit for the practice of agriculture.

Farmer Manuel Dias explained to Inforpress that this type of tree, which arrived in Porto Novo more than 40 years ago, consumes a lot of water and destroys arable land, a situation that is happening in some valleys of this county, but noticeably in Lajedos.

Farmers, who had recently warned of acacia weeds, say that this plant represents “a danger” to agriculture in Porto Novo as it is devastating arable and fertile land.



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