PAICV says that voting to abandon the “Casa para Todos” programme is not the best way to go

Praia, Jul 18 (Inforpress) – The PAICV said on Wednesday that the people who occupied the “Casa para Todos” programme houses wanted to demonstrate that the Government’s attitude in abandoning those investments, to vote them to destruction is “not the best way.”

“The Government has to act and not be surprised by situations such as the invasions of houses in Sal or Fogo that clearly demonstrate the despair and discredit of people,” said the workbench leader of the African Party of Independence of Cabo Verde (opposition party).

Rui Semedo made these considerations in a political statement that preceded the agenda of the first plenary session this month. The MPs elected on the “black star” party lists hope that the government “has learned the lesson”, invests in those constructions and distributes them to people who, as they said, “feed the dream of living in a decent home with its family”.

“If people are to act in this way it is because they have lost hope and there is no greater evil in any country than the destruction of dreams and the murder of the people’s hope,” emphasized the PAICV. In the perspective of the “tambarina” parliamentarians, “social tension increases” and the movements that emerge from society “indicate that people are reaching their limits to support the government’s autism and the narrative spent from the party that supports it “.



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