OMC President welcomes the possibility of approving the kidney transplant bill

Praia, Jan 17 (Inforpress) – The President of the Cabo Verdean Medical Association (OMC), Danielson Veiga, today welcomed the possible approval, in the Council of Minister, of the proposed kidney transplantation law in the country.

Danielson Veiga made that point in statements to the press on Thursday when asked to talk about the proposed kidney transplant bill in the archipelago.

In this regard, the official assured that surgeons are prepared for this work and said that the most difficult in all this is the “prevention and rejection” of organs.

“That’s because people are going to use an organ doesn’t belong to them and usually the body tends to reject what is not ours, so reject it,” he said, explaining that to combat rejection it is necessary for the country to import medicines, which they are very expensive and can be used for prevention.

Still with regard to transplantation, he stressed that the country will have to work on donation laws, as well as the awareness-raising part to enable people in life to decide whether or not to donate if something happens to them.



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