Next wind park to be installed in São Domingos

Praia,  Jul 24 (Inforpress) – The next 10-megawatt wind park will be installed in Achada Mostarda, São Domingos, and will contribute to increased renewable energy production in Cabo Verde, said Tuesday the Minister of Industry, Commerce and Energy.

The guarantee was given by Alexandre Monteiro, this morning, on the sidelines of his visit today to the Achada Mostarda weather station, in the municipality of São Domingos. According to the ruler, this station, which is already in operation, will receive the next wind park to be installed in the country and produces complete information on precipitation, wind direction and speeds, temperature, humidity and solar radiation, information that later will be made available to investors.

He added that the park installation process is already underway and will contribute to renewable energy production in the country, reducing dependence on oil and reducing the cost of energy. He stressed that the idea is to take this project to all the islands, reach the goal set by the Government, which is to reach 2030 with more than 50% of renewable energy production.

“We have a plan that includes solar and wind parks. At the moment, we have the project for the installation of 10 MegaWatts (MW) here in Santiago, we also have an ongoing process of 5 MegaWatts island for Boa Vista and we are preparing a 50 MW package for all islands, with the mix of solar and wind,” he said.



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