National authorised representative for the Ulisses Correia e Silva candidacy formalizes list to the presidency of the MpD

Praia, Nov 9 (Inforpress) – The national authorised representative for Ulisses Correia e Silva candidacy formalized on Wednesday the candidacy of his proponent as president of the MpD for internal elections and delegates to the 12th National Convention of February 9.

Fernando Elísio Freire made the official presentation of this candidacy to the president of the Support Office to the Electoral Process of the Movement for Democracy (MpD, ruling party), Mário Fernandes, as “a strategic motion for a positive, developed Cabo Verde”, turned towards the “strengthening of commitment” of the party that support  government of the country.

He ensured that this strategy is based on the principles of the values ​​of the MpD, namely tolerance, democracy, freedoms, autonomy of people, families in a new model of relationship with power, the State with society, a free society, more inclusive and increasingly attractive economy and greater ability to create wealth”.

For the national authorised representative, this strategy motion makes a very strong allusion to a resilient global Cabo Verde open to the “changing world”, with the understanding that reforms are having results in changing attitudes, greater incentive to the business sector, great encouragement ”to young people claiming that“ they are already having impacts”.

“We grew today five times more than three years ago. We have more social inclusion through the policy of excellent education, policies to promote gender equality, promoting the inclusion of people with disabilities, children and promoting equal opportunities,” said Fernando Elísio Freire.



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