Music: Fidjus de Codé de Dona continue to honor on several stages the name of their father considered king of funaná

Praia, Jan 6 (Inforpress) – Ten years after the death of the great harmonica player Codé di Dona, his children continue to keep alive the tradition of the king of funaná, bringing this musical genre to the sound of harmonica and iron to various stages of the country and the diaspora.

Fidjus from Code de Dona, composed by David Vaz and Letício Vaz “Da e Tixu”, performed on Saturday night, 4th, at Intro House, in the Azores (Portugal), where they paid tribute to their father, singing their songs.

Speaking to Inforpress, via Messenger, on the day of the king of funaná 10th anniversary of his death, Letício Vaz said that in all shows they will always play not only their songs, but also those of their father.

The idea, he explained, is to keep their father’s heritage alive, to keep older people listening to Code di Dona’s funaná, and to let the new generation know this rhythm played to the harmonica and iron. These two young men, who always accompanied their father in his shows, had the opportunity to show, during the breaks of Codé di Dona, what they learned from home with this player.



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