Municipalities will produce “results” and contribute to the territorial development “based on programs, objectives and results” – Manuel de Pina

Praia, Feb 25 (Inforpress) – The president of the National Association of Municipalities of Cabo Verde said Monday that the municipalities will produce more results and contribute to a better development of the territories when they start managing based on the programme, objectives and results.

Manuel de Pina made these considerations when he was consulted, this afternoon, at the Specialized Committee on Finance and Budget (CEFO) on the proposed law that establishes the financial regime for municipalities and the proposed law that establishes the bases of the municipal budget.

“From now on, there are principles for drafting of the municipal budget, based on programs, objectives and results, that is, we are going to change the traditional way of budget drafting of the municipalities, focusing on concrete results”, he said.

Speaking to the press, Manuel de Pina also stressed that the proposed law will bring, as a novelty in the preparation of the municipalities’ budget, a “participatory budget”, where citizens will take into account issues such as gender, regarding parity and equality.



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