“Memorias da Luta Clandestina” is the title of a former combatant’s book to be  released today in Praia

Praia, Jan 30 (Inforpress) – The book “Memorias da Luta Clandestina” (Memories of Clandestine Struggle), written by the late freedom fighter of the Fatherland, Inácio Soares de Carvalho, is released this Thursday, in Praia.

The book, about 400 pages long, was written by Inácio Soares de Carvalho who was unable to publish it before he died, so his son Carlos de Carvalho is now in charge of doing so.

Speaking to Inforpress, Carlos de Carvalho revealed that, at the insistence of his sons, the father decided to write his “Memories”, having concluded them in 1992.

“In them, the author narrates new facts, unknown to most of the militants, because, unfortunately, few were the combatants of clandestine, especially in Guinea, who left writings on this aspect of the struggle led by PAIGC”, said Carvalho, adding that the book, in itself, is the “mirror of the history of the peoples from Guinea and Cabo Verde”.

According to Carlos Carvalho, coordinator of the edition, The «Memories», which is made public, is the first-person testimony of the freedom fighter of the Fatherland, Inácio Soares de Carvalho, who devoted his whole life to the purpose of seeing his two homelands, Guinea and Cabo Verde free.



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