“Marxa Cabral” warns of “partisanship and undervaluation” of the work and figure of Amílcar Cabral

Praia,  Jan 21 (Inforpress) – The organization of the eighth edition of “Marxa Cabral”, which took place in the City of Praia, defended that social actors are articulated and integrated in order to counter the “partisanship and undervaluation” of the work of Amílcar Cabral.

This position was expressed by Yuri Queita, the spokesman for the eighth “Marxa Cabral”, organized by the Pilorinhu Association, in partnership with the National Initiative Committee of the Pan-African Federalist Movement, to celebrate the January 20, which marks the anniversary the death of Amílcar Cabral and the National Heroes Day is celebrated. “We have noticed that the figure of Amílcar Cabral has been devalued, first in terms of partisanship of the figure, second in terms of the devaluation of his work and trying, in a way, to neglect or underestimate his work,” he said.

Therefore, this social activist defended that the social actors, government, City Halls, associations, “should take this into account and create their own initiatives”, articulated and integrated in order to counter partisanship and the undervaluation of the work of Amílcar Cabral, “recognized internationally”. “We are not talking about a figure at the national level, but a figure known throughout the world”, he stressed.

For Yuri Queita, the fact that Amílcar Cabral was recently distinguished among the 20 most influential leaders in the world, shows the “greatness” of his figure.



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