Maio: MpD refutes opposition criticism and ensures the situation of the municipal dump is short lived

Porto Inglês, Feb 24 (Inforpress) – The MpD municipal workbench in Maio considered the opposition’s charges about the situation of the municipal dump to be unfounded, claiming that the solid waste management plan that will remedy the problem was recently approved.

Ivanira Silva reacted at a press conference on Sunday to the statements made by the PAICV political coordinator (opposition) in Maio, Agostinho Silva, according to which the situation in the municipal dump is an environmental disaster, due to the lack of policy for the public sanitation sector.

The situation of the dump is “well identified” and “days are numbered”, because “the plan will be implemented soon, approved by the municipal MP,” guaranteed the leader of the Movement for Democracy (MpD) workbench. The plan, according to Ivanira Silva, will allow the construction of a landfill, which will resolve, once and for all, the situation criticized by the opposition.

She added that there is already financing for the acquisition of a garbage truck, which will allow the collection of waste, both in general and selectively in the various container formats.



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