JPAI expresses concern about problems of access to higher education in the country

Praia, Nov 8 (Inforpress) – PAICV Youth President Fidel de Pina was “concerned” today about the problems of access to higher education in the country, with the “socioeconomic barriers that affect the Cabo Verdean youth.

These and other questions were raised by the youth leader after visiting Jean Piaget University last Wednesday to learn about the main challenges of higher education in Cabo Verde.

Fidel de Pina, who was welcomed by the university’s dean, said that although higher education has democratized a great deal over the past 15 years, the number of Cabo Verdeans with higher education in the archipelago is still “neither sufficient nor desirable,” although it represents only 8 per cent (%) of the Cabo Verdean population.

For the JPAI, the current government should “invest heavily” in higher education, research, socio-educational support and more scholarships, given that the current demographic situation in the country is favorable, and stressed that it is necessary to have a vision and a set of integrated public policies for youth so that the market can absorb young Cabo Verdean professionals.



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