Government decreed water emergency and proposes good water management measures

Praia, Jan 8 (Inforpress) – The Government has decreed a water emergency in the national territory, alleging extreme scarcity of rain in recent years, bringing direct impacts on health, agriculture and economy.

According to the Official Gazette (BO) of January 7, the Government informs that this measure is taken considering the circumstances that the country faces of extreme scarcity of rain, and since the accumulated water in the previous years had consequences and had repercussions in the annual average, fluctuation in piezometric levels, with direct impacts on health, agriculture and the economy.

Points out that the rainfall did not recover the volume of water stored in the main reservoirs of the country and the availability of water in these infrastructures was not satisfactory, and the estimated level of underground water availability is below the indicative value practiced by the United Nations, which puts the country in a water emergency.

The same document also indicates the irregularity of rainfall in Cabo Verde is aggravated by frequent situations of water scarcity for human consumption and use in agriculture, which justifies the urgent need for measures that allow proper management of water in the archipelago.



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