Former Prime Minister Gualberto do Rosario questions Parity Law

Praia, Oct 28 (Inforpress) – Former Prime Minister Gualberto do Rosario has questioned the Parity Law, classifying it as a “tortuous path, debatable in principle and in constitutional terms, effectively unfair, demagogic and populist”.

In a post on his social networking page Facebook, Gualberto do Rosario starts Sunday by saying he is striving to understand whether the African Independence Party of Cabo Verde (PAICV, opposition) and the Movement for Democracy (MpD, ruling party) will vote on a “Parity Law” to compel them to build electoral lists where the presence of the sexes is equal.

“In other words, they, PAICV and MpD, are the sole subjects and the sole objects of the Law. It means that, in the absence of this law, they do not respect the principle of parity? But where did you see so much hypocrisy and incoherence? Where did you see such demagogy and populism?” he asked.

“Where have you seen so much instrumentalization to rally “female” votes? Is this how they intend to promote women? And in this small way you look at the Cabo Verdeans, intelligent, fighting, worthy and who have been demonstrating, particularly after independence, how to achieve parity? Do you want to steal Cabo Verdean merit?” he added.

Going forward, the former ruler wrote that if such political parties really want parity, whether they are governing or in opposition, they should develop or propose policies that give each citizen the tools he/she needs to fully exercise his/her citizenship regardless of gender, age, religion, philosophical choices, social status.



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