Football: Santo Crucifixo wins Cabo Verde Cup and wins the first national title for Santo Antão

Praia, May 27 (Inforpress) – The Santo Crucifixo Sports Union of Ribeira Grande de Santo Antão won the Cabo Verde Cup in 2018/19 football on Sunday, beating Palmeiras do Sal 3-2, in the final played in the National Stadium.

In an atmosphere of great festivity, marked by the way the supportive associative mass and sympathizer of the team from Cuculi, Ribeira Grande, led the cola (dance) to the largest sports infrastructure in the country, built in the Cabo Verdean capital, the team from Santo Antão inaugurated the “placard” within 28 seconds of the game, through Nelson.

The team from Sal was not intimidated and shuffled on the scoreboard as Suba’s five-minute goal and Latche’s 19th-minute effort allowed Grupo Desportivo Palmeira to advance on the scoreboard, 2-1.

In a divided game, under the refereeing of the São Vicente team commanded by Benvindo Fortes, the forward Nelson from Santo Antão scored at the 40 minutes, result done at half-time.



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