Football / Santo Antão – South: Association and clubs set dates for the games this season marked by the withdrawal of another team

Porto Novo, Oct 31 (Inforpress) – The Regional Football Association in Santo Antão – South and the clubs have already set the dates for the start of competitions in this region, this season, however, marked by the withdrawal of another team, Sanjonense.

After the Maritimo, it was now the turn of Sanjonense to give up participating in competitions, which happens for the second year in a row, due to financial and organizational problems that goes through this sporting association from Ribeira das Patas, countryside of Porto Novo.

Club leaders are thus expressing some concerns about the holding of this season’s competitions in Santo Antão South, as at least two other teams threaten to quit if the City Hall of Porto Novo fails to make available subsidies in November, which annually attributes to federated football. If so, there would be only three clubs registered for this season.

Some leaders confirmed to Inforpress that “if conditions are not created”, the sporting season will be “compromised”, referring to the need for subsidy to be awarded before the start of the races, ie during November.



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