Fogo: Vales dos Cavaleiros port benefits from a specific plan aligned with the needs and peculiarities of the island – PCA

São Filipe, Mar 28 (Inforpress) – The Vale dos Cavaleiros port benefits from a specific plan aligned with the needs and peculiarity of Fogo Island, said Wednesday the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Enapor, Jorge Mauricio, in the opening of the port days.

The port, although new, according to Enapor’s CEO  is “a bit strangled and with many operational and logistical difficulties”, reason why the administration decided to give special attention and to discriminate in a positive way the port of Vale dos Cavaleiros.

Within the specific plan that is an integral part of the 2018/30 strategic plan, which is comprehensive and encompasses all areas, Enapor is investing in human resources with recruitment of new people, rotation of personnel in line with the needs of the port, internal training in port area to train workers, renewal of the port work list, now having a more capable and physically robust workforce and other qualities to give answers, said the CEO.

In terms of the infrastructure, Jorge Mauricio said that a re-ordering plan for the Vale dos Cavaleiros port was approved in order to have important parts inside the port, such as reconfiguration of the current maritime gare, to serve passengers better, a pavilion for equipment, a small orders center, adding that the old warehouse located right in the middle of the port structure will be demolished and built one from the structure with all the logistic conditions and well defined inflows and outflows of small orders.



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