Fogo: The promoter of the “Vision of the Future” project has been waiting for two years for an answer from the MAA on the management proposal of the post-harvest Centre

São Filipe, Feb 28 (Inforpress) – The promoter of the “Vision of the Future” project, António Fernandes, told Inforpress today that he has been waiting for a reaction from the Ministry of Agriculture and Environment (MAA) for two years on the proposal presented to take over the management of the Monte Barro Post Harvest Centre.

The promoter said to Inforpress that he presented a concrete proposal to take over the management of the Monte Barro Post Harvest Centre, built seven years ago and which never went into operation, noting that his proposal was based on the financier of the centre idea which is to create space for certification of products and create more employment.

António Fernandes said that “there’s a big barrier for the Ministry of Agriculture, even for a simple meeting to see what’s wrong and what can be corrected or added”, pointing out that at a time when public health has to be taken into account, it’s necessary to have the products certified and treated.

The project plans to invest 130 million escudos in the agriculture and livestock sectors to make the island an example, but the person in charge says it is necessary to start with the profitability of what already exists, such as the post-harvest centre and other state institutions that are closed.


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