Fogo: Taxi Association cancels peaceful demonstration after meeting with mayor

São Filipe, Oct 30 (Inforpress) – The Taxi-Fogo Association, made up of taxi owners and taxi drivers, canceled the peaceful demonstration scheduled for today, following a meeting held on Tuesday afternoon with the mayor of São Filipe, Jorge Nogueira.

The president of the association, Denildo Gomes da Silva, told Inforpress that following the negotiation with the mayor, the association decided to cancel the demonstration waiting for the fulfillment of the commitments made by the local authority.

The Taxi – Fogo Association intended to speak up front of the City Hall to demand compliance with the verbal commitment made at the end of June regarding the construction of taxi and bus parking, signalling in the city and outlying areas of São Filipe and updating of the latest São Filipe taxi census, as well as solving the problem of taxi fleet change requests.

According to the head of the association taxi drivers and owners, the mayor said that in relation to parking and signalling in the city, it would not be convenient now to take into account the city’s urban requalification works coming soon, reassuring taxi drivers that both the issue of parks for taxis and bus as signalling are resolved with the execution of the works.



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