Fogo: PEMDS from island counties socialized with emigrants and US partners

São Filipe, May 7 (Inforpress) – The Municipal Sustainable Development Plans (PEMDS) of the municipalities of Fogo Island will be socialized in the United States of America, specifically in Massachusetts, with emigrant community, potential partners and investors.

The mission to the State of Massachusetts, home to more than 30.000 Cabo Verdean migrants, mostly from Fogo Island, is baptized as “Fogo in America for the Goals of Sustainable Development, Goal 17 – Partnership with the Diaspora” and has the objective of engaging the Cabo Verdean diaspora residing in that country in the process of the Island development and its municipalities.

To promote the participation of the Diaspora in the discussion, planning and identification of solutions for the island development and to mobilize technical and financial resources with the Cabo Verdean community for the implementation of the SEMCs, as well as promoting cooperation between the island’s municipalities and the Chambers of Boston and Brockton, are other purposes of the mission.

Cabo Verdean entrepreneurs and NGOs based in the State of Massachusetts, state and local authorities of the same state, international organizations (decentralized) are the target audience of the mission, through meetings organized by Cabo Verdean and Brockton associations that have already work actively with the municipalities of the island, and the local authorities of both cities are involved in organizing the visit.



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