Fogo: Education, civil protection and social exchange are possible areas of cooperation, according to Mayor of Brockton

São Filipe,  Oct 11 (Inforpress) – Brockton Mayor Moises Rodrigues, who is visiting the island, pointed to education, civil protection and social exchange as possible areas of cooperation between the City Halls of Fogo and that North American city.

Moses Rodrigues, who recently assumed the office as Mayor of Brockton following the death of Bill Carpenter, is not a candidate for mayor in the November elections, but is a candidate for the post of municipal councilor, and in the primaries of last September was the most voted among the 15 people who run for this post.

“With a little experience from the executive branch, as a legislature I can influence the executive branch to assist the island’s City Halls in training firefighters, teachers, social exchange and support in other areas,” said Moisés Rodrigues, the mayor of Brockton, where one third of the population is of Cabo Verdean origin.

Moises Rodrigues, a native of Mosteiros, is the first Cabo Verdean to hold this post and visits, for the first time, the island as mayor of that American city that welcomes a large number of Cabo Verdean families, especially this island.



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