Fogo: City Hall of Mosteiros accuses the Government of set conditions to the of Queimada Guincho seafront

São Filipe, Aug 30 (Inforpress) – The City Hall of Mosteiros accuses the Government of set conditions on the requalification works of Queimada Guincho seafront, an expansion zone in the north of the city of Igreja.

On its website, the local authority of Mosteiros says that, about a year after submitting the Queimada Guincho seafront requalification project to the Government for the tender, for its implementation, this week received the communication that the tender will only be published in November, “if there is a favorable opinion from the National Directorate of Environment”.

The Minister of Infrastructure, when asked by the mayor, Carlos Fernandinho Teixeira, about the standstill of the process, pointed out environmental aspects as reasons, since there are ancient volcanic lavas that condition the process.

Initially, the City Hall of Monasteries had received assurances from the Government that the tender would be launched during August and all due diligence had been observed and therefore the City Hall considers the postponement of the tender as strange and its dependence on the favorable opinion of the National Directorate of Environment.



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