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Fogo: City Hall marginalizes rural world and discriminates in an unjustified way the most needy families – PAICV Councilman

São Filipe, Feb 24 (Inforpress) – The City Hall of São Filipe “marginalizes the rural world” and “discriminates in an unjustified way” in humanitarian aid granted to the most needy families, considered the PAICV Councilman without portfolio, Eugénio Veiga, in an interview to Inforpress.

According to him, there is a marginalization of the rural world and there is no intervention worthy of emphasis during the almost four years, with the exception of the grassing of the São Lourenço field, classified by the Mayor as being “a poorest project ever seen”.

This is because, justified, in less than two years, because of three craters, interventions have already been registered and there is a risk that this space will be without grass and unsuitable for sports, taking into account that the floor does not allow the placement of new grass of quality.

With regard to what he called “unjustified discrimination with the support to the most needy families”, the Councilman said that the few houses in the city were made on a turnkey basis, but in the countryside he has been sending materials to the neediest families who have a lot more difficulties in relation to those living in the urban area. He added that a large part of the people, because of misery and, often, hunger, are selling the material available.



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