Fogo: Alberto Nunes available for a second term to the mayor of Santa Catarina

São Filipe, Mar 16 (Inforpress) – The current mayor of Santa Catarina do Fogo, Alberto Andrade Nunes, has already expressed his availability to run for a second term for mayor in the next municipal elections in 2020, according to the MpD list.

The Movement for Democracy (MpD) has scheduled for April the announcement of the candidates who head the lists for the municipal bodies (City Hall and Municipal Assembly), but in a statement to Inforpress the mayor said that he has already expressed his availability to those in charge of his party for second term.

Its availability aims to continue the development work in the municipality of Santa Catarina, started four years ago and covering several sectors, according to him.

Alberto Andrade Nunes, Betinho for friends and family, is a native of Mãe Joana, one of the localities of Santa Catarina, where he was born 50 years ago, has a degree in History from the University of São Paulo (USP) Brazil and professor (1999), function that he has performed until his election to Mayor of the City Hall of Santa Catarina in September 2016.



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