Fogo: A hundred young Nazarenes in retreat in the city of Cova Figueira

São Filipe, Feb 25 (Inforpress) – A hundred young Nazarenes from all churches in the island of Fogo and with the attendence of youth from Assomada and Calheta São Miguel (Santiago) and Tomé Barras (Brava) are in retreat in the city of Cova Figueira.

The pastor of the Nazarene church of São Filipe, Emanuel Soares, told Inforpress that the retreat started on February 22 and ends on Wednesday, 26, and takes place annually during Carnival.

This year the retreat theme is “God’s exclusive property” and according to the pastor, the intention is to work on the spiritual commitment of young people to God in the perspective of valuing this relationship.

During the retreat, young people, in addition to evangelistic activities, will be carried out sports and recreational activities with the community of the city of Cova Figueira, but also the discussion of other aspects of interest to young Nazarenes, such as youth sexuality, social networks and spiritual life, how science can help and interfere in people’s lives.



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