Fish market on the fishing pier closed to the public from Monday

Praia, Mar 23 (Infropress) – Cape Verde Ocean, manager of Praia’s Fishing Pier, informs customers and the general population that, as of today, it will close the fish market on the Fishing Pier, destined for the public.

The measure, according to a press release to which Inforpress had access, is due to compliance with the “National Contingency Plan – Covid-19”.

“Alternatively, distribution will be carried out daily in a refrigerated van to neighborhoods and households”, states the press release.

Still at Cape Verde Ocean, the Praia Fishing Pier will be open to shipowners, fishermen, wholesale fishmongers and retail fishmongers, at the usual time.
Cape Verde Ocean also recommends retail fishmongers to sell fish in the appropriate municipal markets.

Right now, it is in Europe that the largest number of cases is emerging, with Italy as the country in the world with the highest number of deaths.


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