Expert committee wants information on Kuwait Fund money to reform Trindade Hospital

Praia, Jul 24 (Inforpress) – Celeste Fonseca, chairman of the Specialized Committee on Education, Culture, Sports and Social Affairs, said on Tuesday she would ask for information about the funds from the Kuwait Fund to reform Trindade Hospital, announced in 2013.

This information was advanced to journalists during a visit held by the 5th Commission to the Trindade Hospital Center, in Praia, to find out the problems faced by patients and professionals working in that service that is also part of Agostinho Neto Hospital.

According to Celeste Fonseca, anyone can someday be patient in  that mental health unit and be treated by the professionals who work there. Therefore, she argued that the Trindade Hospital needs “substantial” improvements, in terms of physical structure that is “highly degraded” and also in sanitation because there are “serious health problems, there are problems with insects like rats, cockroaches and mosquitoes and lack of water, even for hand hygiene of patients”.

“In 2013, it was said that there was money from the Kuwait Fund for the remodeling of this hospital. Therefore, we are already far from 2013 and it is not known where this money stops and we will be informed with the right people and we will know what is happening,” said the Movement for Democracy MP (MpD – ruling party).



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