ETNIR determines prevention and increase of responses so that Cabo Verde can deal the coronavirus

Praia, Jan 29 (Inforpress) – The Rapid Intervention Technical Team (ETNIR) determined Tuesday that the country should be alerted to increase responses if the coronavirus entry into the archipelago is detected.

According to the director of the Epidemic Surveillance and Response Service, Domingos Teixeira, who spoke in statements to the press about the recommendations of the meeting held this morning with the ETNIR team, which determines that the country must prepare and draw up a plan for updated contingency action.

“The meeting served to compose ETNIR with the different sectors and we outlined strategies and mechanisms for the participation of each sector in the general plan, which consists of each one participating in the elaboration and implementation of the plan in its various aspects”, he said.

According to Domingos Teixeira, the actions to be outlined will be multifaceted and with measures for the entrance doors into the country, in health structures, aimed at communities, health professionals, among others.

The actions, he explains, will be informative, educational and communicative (IEC), since it is a disease transmitted by a virus, so people should be educated on how to prevent being exposed.



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