Drought situation currently affects 37% of Cabo Verdean population – responsible

Praia, Dec 20 (Inforpress) – The drought situation that is being experienced in Cabo Verde for three consecutive years now affects 37 percent (%) of the population, the director general of Agriculture in replacement, Eneida Rodrigues, said Thursday.

The official, who was speaking to reporters after the presentation of the program to mitigate the bad agricultural year to an Angolan delegation, headed by the State Minister for Social Area, who is in Cabo Verde, said that the drought has mainly affected people from rural areas.

“According to the data we have 37% of the population is being affected by the crisis resulting from the three consecutive years of drought. They are people who live on agriculture and livestock, both in terms of production and also linked to everything that is trade in agricultural production,” he explained.

Eneida Rodrigues said that we are currently working not only to mitigate bad agriculture, but also the resilience of the most disadvantaged families and the country as a whole. “So we are working on water mobilization, focusing on desalination of brackish water, safe reuse of wastewater in agriculture, improved water management, reduced losses and using the system that favors the most efficient use of water in agriculture,” he explained.



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