Covid-19: Psychologist says emotional instability causes risky behavior

Praia, Mar 26 (Inforpress) – Psychologist Nilson Mendes said this Wednesday that if people are sure of themselves they will be able to give a good response and adapt their behavior to this scenario of the new coronavirus.

As this expert told Inforpress, emotional instability leads people to risky behavior.

”The moment is challenging for everyone. We are challenged to change certain behaviors and raise awareness about our attitudes”, stressed Nilson Mendes, adding that, given many information, it is natural for fear, anxiety and panic to arise, among others.

However, the psychologist recommends people should readjust themselves psychologically, not be alarmed by unreliable information and monitor all information through competent bodies.

“The problem with this pandemic is that it is leaving each person on the alert and it’s what we have to take advantage of, this state to combat the individual problem”, he argued.



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