Covid-19 / Porto Novo: Tourist facilities decide to close their doors temporarily

Porto Novo, Mar 20 (Inforpress) – At least two tourist facilities in the municipality of Porto Novo, Santo Antão, decided to close their doors, “temporarily”, due to the “situation imposed by the consequences” of the new coronovirus, a measure that resulted in the dismissal of “many heads of families”.

João Fortes, owner of Kaza de Kriol Hotel, in Ribeira das Patas, countryside of the municipality, confirmed that this hotel is closed, starting this Thursday, the 19th, and will remain closed until May 15th, “due to the situation imposed by the consequences of Covid – 19”.

The owner of the Vista Tarrafal guest house, in Tarrafal de Monte Trigo, João Crisóstomo, also informed that this “guest house” has already closed its doors, temporarily, due to the “negative impact” the the pandemic brought to tourism in Santo Antão.

“It is a sad situation, but there is no other solution”, stressed this tour operator.

The Quinta de Coxete guest house, also, in Ribeira das Patas, although it is currently without guests, has not yet closed its doors, but its owner, Jacques Zurcher, considers that this is “a big problem” for tourism, in the next three to six months.



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