Covid-19: Economic analyst assumes possibility of disruption of food stock in Cabo Verde

Praia, Mar 23 (Inforpress) – The Cabo Verdean economist José Agnelo Sanches today assumed the possibility of a stockout in Cabo Verde in the future, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, which he predicts will have “severe economic impacts” in the world and in the archipelago.

José Agnelo Sanches, who was conducting an analysis of the economic impacts of the pandemic for Inforpress, said that because Cabo Verde is an archipelago, the country will be able to better control the spread of the disease, but in economic terms it will experience a crisis never seen before.

“There may also be a possibility of stockout of products in the future, because the supply markets may not be available. Even if we have the capacity to import, we may have a worldwide product crisis due to the inactivity of the manufacturing industries,” he said.

José Agnelo Sanches stressed that at the moment there is a danger of a worldwide recession with a strong impact on the most fragile countries and in countries that do not have indigenous production, such as Cabo Verde.


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