Covid-19: Cultural producers await government decision on holding AME and Grito Rock

Praia, Mar 11 (Inforpress) – Producers of the cultural events Atlantic Music Expo (AME) and Grito Rock Praia are awaiting the Government’s decision on whether or not to hold these events in the face of the Covid-19 epidemic.These two events will bring together, in the city of Praia, in March and April, musical groups from various countries, with some already reporting cases of death from the new coronavirus, according to the organizers, until now there is no ban on the part of the Government about the coming of some international bands.

“The majority of artists come from countries that do not yet have a very large dimension, but we are waiting for the instructions given by the Government and, depending on the evolution of the situation, we will always take the measures in consultation with the Government”, said the producer from AME, Augusto Veiga, who is “very expectant” in relation to this event.

From the groups that are going to participate in the event, scheduled for April 13-16, he said that the “most worrying” case is from Italy, where a delegation of 15 people is expected to come.



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