Covid-19: Cabo Verde registers first coronavirus death

Praia, Mar 24 (Inforpress) – Cabo Verde registered its first coronavirus (Covid-19) death on Monday night, being the 62-year-old English citizen, who was the first case recorded  in Boa Vista Island.

In a press conference today, the Minister of Health and Social Security, Arlindo do Rosário, said that the patient’s clinical condition, which was already reserved, had been aggravating since he was diagnosed with Covid-19, and his death occurred at 11:00pm on Monday, in Boa Vista.

Arlindo do Rosário also added that the clinical condition of the 60-year-old Dutch citizen is also reserved. The test for her husband was negative, so the country has counted three cases so far, all on the Boa Vista Island, and one death.

On Friday, 20th, the Government placed the Boa Vista Island in quarantine until April 4, after the positive confirmation of the first recorded case of Covid-19, having reinforced a set of restrictive measures in the country.



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