Covid-19 / Boa Vista: Cargo in the Padre Benjamim ship retained in port with food taking the risk of spoiling

Sal Rei, Mar 23 (Inforpress) – Cargo in the Padre Benjamim ship has been retained in the port of Sal Rei since Friday, containing food that, according to traders, is taking the risk of spoiling and remaining without replenish the island and neither their families themselves.

The ship’s agent Gelson Pereira spoke on this situation, which, in his view, is “worrying” considering that the cargo (seven containers and two trucks) in the ship left Praia on Monday, via the Sal Island and arrived at Boa Vista on Friday containing mostly foods that may already be spoiling.

“Bearing in mind that they determined that the ship’s crew could not leave the ship, we suggested to put the cargo outside in the port”, explained Gelson who then suggested that they let people in respecting the rules.

That is, according to him, for each person to enter with gloves and masks gradually to take the loads. But even so, he said that “the person in charge did not accept”.

Gelson Pereira also recalled that “the Government decreed quarantine for passengers and not for ships with cargo”. From what he analyzes: “it will make supply difficult on the island if starts to lack food to population”.


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