Competitiveness Unit promotes training and conference action “Code of insolvency and recovery of companies”

Praia, May 6 (Inforpress) – The Competitiveness Unit, in partnership with the Ministry of Justice, today promotes a training and conference program “Insolvency Code and Recovery of Companies” and its importance in boosting the economy.

According to a press release sent to Inforpress, the purpose of the conference is to promote the communication and disclosure of the Code of Corporate Recovery and Insolvency, as well as its importance for the dynamization of the economy in general and for the improvement of the business environment, in particular.

During the meeting, it is also intended to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the Code of Corporate Recovery and Insolvency, as well as how best to proceed and implement the actions required to enforce the respective legislation.

The legislation, according to the statement, allows debtor companies in difficult situations to get a fresh start, relieving them of their debts, as well as allowing resources to be returned to productive use as soon as possible and viable but with financial difficulties they can restructure rather than declare bankruptcy.



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