CNDHC and Casa do Cidadão sign cooperation agreement to provide free information about CNDHC

Praia, Mar 13 (Inforpress) – CNDHC and Casa do Cidadão today signed a cooperation agreement so that citizens can request free information about CNDHC and file complaints about human rights violations through the 8002008 free number.

On the sidelines of the ceremony, the head of the Casa do Cidadão Management Unit (UGCC) highlighted the importance of this partnership, stressing that this initiative will allow a better use of existing channels in the services of that institution to provide information to the citizen about the CNDHC.

“It is a great satisfaction that this great partnership makes perfect sense. We always do this job of being with the citizen, wanting to listen to the citizen, we already have channels through which we have done this, we have had channels for several years, either in Porton di nos Ilha or through our free number (…) ”, he said, reiterating that Casa do Cidadão will continue to support all institutions want to take their services to the citizen.

For her part, the president of CNDHC also considered the chance of establishing a partnership with Casa do Cidadão of “extreme importance”, saying that the reinforcement, both in terms of protection and in terms of promoting human rights, will have gains.



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