Civil Protection and Firefighters diagnoses challenges for an island country

Praia, Mar 2 (Inforpress) – Civil Protection and Firefighters intend to strengthen their human resources, as well as the revision of the legislative package in action, aiming at adapting the organic law itself and the statute in order to be more interventional and have binding power.

Despite some gains achieved, the president of the Civil Protection and Fire Department of Cabo Verde admits that significant investments will be needed in the corporation so that Cabo Verde can have a system with another ability to react to extreme events may possibly happen in an island country.

Captain Renaldo Rodrigues, in this exclusive to Inforpress, recognizes that the country has areas identified as danger, with great difficulties of access, lack of access road and irregular paths with enormous risks, due to lack of construction planning and admits that risk areas have benefited from the country’s “luck and bad luck” not being affected by torrential rains.

“There are areas that we know are at risk, because there is a mapping that tells us the dangerous areas are susceptible to landslides, but the opinions are not yet binding. This will have to be under the law so that we can act as effectively as possible ”, he emphasized.


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