Cardinal defends “too much dialogue” between institutions for more inclusion and less social disparities

Praia, Jan 10 (Inforpress) – Cardinal Dom Arlindo Furtado defended the need for “much dialogue” between the institutions and instances that promote work in order to have a “decent wage” for more inclusion and less social disparities.

The Bishop of the Diocese of Santiago was speaking to reporters on Thursday in the city of Praia, on the sidelines of a meeting with the Workers Union of Financial Institutions (STIF), within the framework of the workers  “largest manifestation” scheduled for Monday, 13th.

“It is up to these organizations to sit at the table and discuss the real possibilities for finding the best solutions,” he said, adding that the church has a social doctrine arguing that the wage cannot be limited just to the worker, but take into account the family’s own situation.

This doctrine proposes that the wage be “fair” to meet the “real needs” of families so that no one is in the situation of social exclusion. “For a worker who is not highly skilled but has a family that depends on him, the wage to be given must be greater than the real work, precisely because of social balance,” he suggested.



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