Cabo Verde Embassy in Beijing recommends serenity against the “fake news” outbreak and videos about Coronavirus

Mindelo, Jan 3 (Inforpress) – The Cabo Verde Ambassador in Beijing recommends “serenity” against the “fake news” outbreak and videos about Coronavirus, some from 2002 that circulate on the internet, as if they were recent and “causing unnecessary panic”.

Through a note posted on facebook, the Cabo Verde ambassador in Beijing, Tânia Romualdo, informed that the official Lunar New Year holiday in the People’s Republic of China was extended until this Sunday, February 2nd, which reduced the capacity for “fast response” of some university departments and services. However, she said that normalization is expected from Monday, February 3.

“We are aware of the difficulties on the ground and we continue to work, on all fronts, in order to resolve some constraints and address the concerns that are raised, not only by students and the Cabo Verdean community residing in China, but also by family and general public”, the note reads.

She informed that, in addition to the Cabo Verde Embassy in Beijing, colleagues who are also part of the Monitoring Group of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Communities are also available.
One of them is the Director-General of Communities, Consular Affairs and Migration, Edna



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