Brava: Five shepherds see their lives “improved” with the delivery of cattle pens within the framework of the POSER program

Nova Sintra, Jan 30 (Inforpress) – Five shepherds from Cachaço and Campo Baixo received cattle pens for the confinement of their animals, thus allowing them to “improve” the quality of production and protection against the attack of stray dogs.

As explained by the delegate of the Ministry of Agriculture and Environment (MAA) on the island, Estêvão Fonseca, the construction of these cattle pens is an investment from the ministry, through a financing from the International Fund for Agricultural Development – IFAD partner for the POSER Program.

According to this official, the MAA’s objective to ovecome the drought scenario in the country and on that island in particular is to “promote” investments in order to farmers starting to have better support infrastructures for the livestock activity, an economic activity and has to be seen as such.

This initiative, he continued, serves not only to protect the soil, conserve the environment, but also to increase animal production, allow a better income for the families that depend on it, avoid risks of diseases, attacks by stray dogs and, “above all ”, create value in this sector. These infrastructures include space for eaters and drinkers, a reservoir and are part of the strategy of “promoting resilience” in the country and adapting to the circumstances of drought.



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