Brava: Cachaço people concerned about water scarcity

Nova Sintra, Mar 23 (Inforpress) – The Cachaço people expressed to be “revolted” with the Águabrava Intermunicipal Company, which “has not been providing water for two weeks” to residents, causing “serious consequences”.

According to community spokesperson Eugenia Pereira “Djiny”, all residents have been “at the taps day and night” for about two weeks to see if “a miracle happens”, because the situation is “every day more critical ”.

Those who have conditions and live close to the road, she said, buy self-transporting water, but those who do not have anything, they are left at the mercy of a “mug” that people who buy or have in deposits since the rainy season can offer.

She also stressed that they have had the support of Adventist Church personnel who, on some days, bring water to the area and distribute it to the residents, but this amount is “not enough” and, in addition, they have benefited from some water from the cistern existing in the locality.


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