Brava: Brava children benefited with the first playground

Nova Sintra, Jan 14 (Inforpress) – Brava Island’s first playground was inaugurated with the name “Benjamin João Gomes”, in Mato Grande.

This park was built in partnership between the Cabo Verdeans United United States of America – USA Association and the City Hall of Brava.

At the opening ceremony, Genie Lomba, the group’s president, pointed out that this is a group that supports almost all the islands of the country and have already made parks in almost all the islands, except in  Sal and Boa Vista.

According to her, she was born and raised in Brava, but is already emigrated for forty years. Even so, she pointed out that all this time abroad Brava never left her mind and heart.

“In my childhood I could not play in a park. So it is a great pride to see little children playing and we are not even waiting for a reward. We only do this for the happiness of these children, ”said the leader.

Seeing the euphoria and the joy of children in playing a “toy that is new to the island”, she asked them to preserve and make good use.



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