Brava / Bad Agricultural Year: 160 families will benefit from employment to mitigate the effects of drought

Nova Sintra, Jan 24 (Inforpress) – About 160 families, on the island of Brava, will benefit from a job, as part of the plan to mitigate the bad agricultural year, carried out by the local authority.

The information was forwarded to Inforpress by the Mayor of Brava, Francisco Tavares, who explained that, this year, the City Hall will receive around 8 million escudos, aimed at creating public employment, as a way to minimize the effects of drought.

According to him, the plan always involves the creation of public job posts, as a way of “guaranteeing” some income to families most affected by the effects of the drought and cover the areas where people live from grazing, cattle raising and rainfed agriculture.

The mayor also said that the other part will be managed by the delegation of the Ministry of Agriculture and Environment (MAA) on the island, which will work directly with livestock farmers and families living from rainfed agriculture. With the eight million escudos, Francisco Tavares informed that the City Hall management team selected six projects for the creation of public employment.



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