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Boa Vista: North of the island celebrates the “moron” tradition that makes “rain” candy and money for the kids

Sal Rei, 31 May (Inforpress) – The João Galego area in the north of Boa Vista celebrated Thursday the “moron”, a centennial feast hold by Ascension family, scheduled forty days after Easter, in which the population distributed candy and money for the younger ones.

The walk began at the end of the afternoon, with the drumers and the guitarists accompanying the three men who hold the centennial tree of the “moron” adorned with flowers and plants. Along the road on the right-hand street, people gathered, and at each resident person door in the zone they threw candy and money for the children they were disputing.

This tradition, according to the elder mordon of the Ascension family, Pedro Mangala, the party always goes on a Thursday and is mobile because it is scheduled after forty days after Easter.

“Since I was a child I found the mordon in my older relatives, where it originated in my family. My grandparents, uncles who have died, all played this party, “said Pedro Mangala, who despite not knowing the details of this tradition, guarantees that” he makes a point of continuing to pass this testimony to the young who today receive candy that replaces the candy of coconuts previously distributed “.



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